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Railway Preservation Society

Railway Preservation Society

Who are we?

• We are a Railway Preservation Society, based at Tata Steel Long Products Scunthorpe Site.

• We have approximately 70 members, who are a mixture of current Tata employees (a few), retired Tata employees and outside members.

What do we do?

• We aim to preserve, restore and where possible operate historical locos and rolling stock, particularly if related to the steel industry.

• We operate passenger railtours of Scunthorpe Site, for members of the general public, railway enthusiast and other groups. We also operate tours in support of Tata visits.

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What equipment does the Society use?

• The Society directly owns or controls three locomotives, one steam and two diesel.

• The Society owns four historic carriages, two brake vans and various other items of rolling stock.

• Four steam and five diesel locomotives owned by Society members are based at the Society’s loco shed”.


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